1950s Esquire Wiring Harness

$80 US Each

The 1950s Esquire version features:

- One CRL 3-Way Selector Switch

- Two CTS 250K Audio Taper Solid Shaft Pots

- Three 0.05 mfd ZYW1S5 Reproduction Paper/Wax Tone Capacitor

- One 3.3 K Allen Bradley Carbon Composite Resistor (2.5K available on request)

- Vintage Style Black & White Cloth Push Back Wire

- One Switchcraft Input Jack

- Wiring Diagrams Available on Request

This style of wiring harness was used on the original one pickup Esquire Guitars and with its 3-Way switch was able to provide three distinct tonal variations. The circuit functions as follows:

Forward Switch Position  Bridge Pickup with Deep Pre-set Bass Tone and Volume Control Only

Middle Switch Position  Bridge Pickup with Volume and Tone Control

Rear Switch Position  Bridge Pickup with Volume and No Tone Control

Our 1950s Esquire Wiring Harness does NOT  include Knobs, Switch Tip, Control Plate or Jack Cup but they are available separately.

Note: This harness is meant to be used with a quality USA control plate made to original USA vintage standards. The harness may fit offshore control plates made to Metric standards, however modifications may be required to the control plate. The Volume/Tone Controls Require Knobs that will fit 1/4 Diameter Shafts and 3/8" Diameter Control Plate Holes. The holes for the 3-way switch screws are 1-5/8" between centers.