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If you have any questions or you would like to order a pickup, please e-mail Peter  at 


***Please Note - Due to heavy demand for our pickups build times are now running in the 3 to 4 week range.*** 

Last Updated August 15, 2019

Gear For Sale

Please check out our new Gear for Sale  section for vintage gear for sale. We have collected many cool guitars, amps and effects over the years and we are now looking to clear out some items. Please note... for the most part the guitars and amps are all Cash & Carry items. For those in the greater Toronto area arrangements can be made to view the gear at a friends place in Brampton. 

***    New!!  ***

            Our lastest offering is a custom made replacement pickup for 
        Musicmaster Style Basses handcrafted by “The Pickup Wizard”

                                                                         More details

Broadcaster High Output Pickup Demo by Mike Nix



Sound Clips

Sound Clips are now available for several styles of our Strat, Tele & Jazzmaster pickups. Please check out the following links for more details.

  Strat  Tele Jazzmaster  Broadcaster P-Bass Jazz Bass