Early 1950ís Vintage Style Champion (Champ) Lap Steel Pickup

- AlNiCo 3 Flush Pole Magnets with South Polarity (Alnico 2 or 5 also available)

- Handcrafted Lacquer Dipped Bobbins

- 50ís Style Single Plain Enamel #43 Magnet Wire (#42 Magnet Wire also available)

- Hand Wound to early 1950ís Champion Specís with a Medium Scatter

- 9.9K Ohms (+/- 3% @ 68 Degrees F)

- Lightly Wax Potted


The early 1950ís Fender Champion and Champ lap steels came with pickups similar to those used in the bridge position of the Broadcaster and Telecaster guitars of the same period. The Champion pickup mounting arrangements were different and there was no steel bottom plate but the magnets, wire and wind specís were usually the same. Tone wise the Alnico 3 magnets and 9.9K ohms wind gives an edge to the high end treble performance along with theclassic twang normally associated with early 1950ís Teleís.