Jazzmaster "Combo" Pickup Set

Traditional Vintage Style Neck Pickup

- Hand Beveled Flush Pole AlNiCo 5 Magnets

- 8.3 K Ohms (+/- 3% @ 68 Degrees F)

- Reverse Wound reverse Polarity (RWRP)

Hybrid Bridge Pickup

- Gibson Slug Style Non-adjustable Poles Pieces

- Twin Alnico 5 Bar Magnets

- 9.3 K Ohms (+/- 3% @ 68 Degrees F)

Common Features to Both Pickups

- Handcrafted Bobbins

- Original Vintage Jazzmaster 2.009 Pole Spacing

- Hand Wound with a Medium-light Scatter

- 50s/60s Style Single Plain Enamel #42 Magnet Wire

- Lightly Potted in Black Wax

- Vintage Style Cloth Leads

Note: Pickup Covers, Mounting Screws & Height Spacers are not included.

The Combo set features our traditional Vintage Jazzmaster style Neck pickup and the Bridge is our JMH-90 Hybrid Jazzmaster / P-90 style pickup. The Combo set gives you the traditional vintage rich Jazzmaster tone in the neck position and the Hybrid bridge pickup provides the P-90 like bite with stronger upper mids that overdrives most amps more easily than standard pickups. Our JMH-90 Hybrid bridge pickup has less clunk and more growl and has none of the thin and tinny sound of many traditional Jazzmaster bridge pickups.