Vintage Style Jazzmaster Pickup Set w/FormVar Wire

- Hand Beveled Flush Pole AlNiCo 5 Magnets

- Lacquer Dipped Bobbins with Original Vintage Jazzmaster 2.009 Pole Spacing

- 50s Style Heavy Build FormVar #42 Magnet Wire

- Hand Wound to Vintage Specs with a Medium-light Scatter

- The Bridge Pickup has been slightly over wound to 8.6 K Ohms (+/- 3% @ 68 Degrees F)

-The Neck Pickup has been wound to 8.3 K Ohms (+/- 3% @ 68 Degrees F)

- Neck Pickup is RWRP for Hum Cancelling when used in combination with the Bridge Pickup

- Lightly Potted in Black Wax

- Aged Cloth Leads

Note: Pickup Covers, Mounting Screws & Height Spacers are not included

The thicker insulation on the FormVar wire makes a fatter coil which tends to provide a slightly warmer tone with more complex harmonics verses the more commonly used dark purple/red Single Plain Enamel magnet wire. In this set. the bridge pickup has a bright and full tone with decent mid-range and good low end response.  The neck pickup is warm with excellent bass response, balanced mid-range and yet still retains a decent clear high end treble. When combined together in the combination position the tone is sweet with good harmonic balance.