Vintage Style Jazzmaster Pickup Set w/Plain EnamelWire

- Hand Beveled Flush Pole AlNiCo 5 Magnets

- Handcrafted Lacquer Dipped Bobbins with Original Vintage Jazzmaster 2.009 Pole Spacing

- 50s/60s Style Single Plain Enamel #42 Magnet Wire

- Hand Wound to Vintage Specs with a Medium-light Scatter

- The Bridge Pickup has been slightly over wound to 8.6 K Ohms (+/- 3% @ 68 Degrees F)

- The Neck Pickup has been wound to 8.2 K Ohms (+/- 3% @ 68 Degrees F)

- Neck Pickup is RWRP for Hum Cancelling when used in combination with the Bridge Pickup

- Lightly Potted in Black Wax

- Aged Cloth Leads

Note: Pickup Covers, Mounting Screws & Height Spacers are not included

The bridge pickup has a bright and full tone with decent mid-range and good low end response. The neck pickup is warm with excellent bass response, balanced mid-range and yet still retains a decent clear high end treble. When combined together in the combination position the tone is sweet with good harmonic balance. The Plain Enamel magnet wire versions tend to have better high end performance with a crisper tone than the FormVar versions which tends to be a little warmer in tone with more complex harmonics.