1951-54 Vintage Style Tele Bridge Pickup

- AlNiCo 3 Flush Pole Magnets with South Polarity

- Handcrafted Lacquer Dipped Bobbins

- 50s/60s Style Single Plain Enamel #42 Magnet Wire

- Hand Wound to Vintage Specs with a Medium-light Scatter

- 7.3K Ohms (+/- 3% @ 68 Degrees F)

- Lightly Wax Potted

- Aged Copper Base Plate, Cloth Leads, Mounting Screws & Height Spacers

The Alnico 3 magnets and 7.3K Ohms wind gives the pickup excellent clarity and brightness while maintaining good power and sustain. The light wax potting minimizes microphonics and howling without adversely reducing high end treble performance and the classic early 50s Tele twang.