1965-68 CBS Style Tele Neck Pickup

- AlNiCo 5 Magnets with South Polarity

- Handcrafted Lacquer Dipped Bobbins

- 50s/60s Style Single Plain Enamel #43 Magnet Wire

- Hand Wound to Vintage Specs with a Medium-light Scatter

- 6.9K Ohms (+/- 3% @ 68 Degrees F)

- Potted in Amber Lacquer

- Vintage Style Nickel/Silver Cover

- Aged Cloth Leads, Mounting Screws & Height Spacers


The 6.9K Ohms wind is typical of the mid to late 1960s and gives the pickup a clear smooth tone. As with original vintage Tele neck pickups, it has been potted in lacquer which helps contribute to its high end treble performance. Note: Not being potted in wax can lead to microphonics and squealing at high volumes so if you play LOUD or with a distortion pedal this may not be the pickup for you.